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Welcome to Brian’s Tiki Blog.  I have created this site to keep track of all things Tiki.  I expect to post pics of my tiki mug collection, pictures of mugs that I hope to acquire, and links of tiki-related sites.  This is also a way for me to keep track of ideas for a future Tiki Bar in my backyard.

I have named this blog Ku-nui-akea.  Ku is one of the four principal tiki gods – here is some history.  The Hawaiian tiki gods where often associated with various attributes as each of the gods represented a variety of aspects in life.  Ku is also the tiki god of war and the descriptors nui-akea combine to create Ku-nui-akea or “the supreme one.”

Check back for more updates and info as I hope to post somewhat regularly.




5 thoughts on “Tiki Brian

  1. So that’s NOT your bar in the picture? Too bad. I would have been sooooo jealous! Maybe one day….

    • Hi Lori, no, that was just a pic of a cool bar that I found online. I am using it as an inspiration for what my backyard will look like…someday! For now, I am focusing on my Tiki mug collection and gather lots of Tiki bar/outdoor kitchen ideas. Cheers!

  2. I have a tiki bar, it is awesome and a favorite spot of all the locals. An invitation to my bar is much coveted. I would LOVE to have the stools pictured in your “inspiration bar” man oh man – it is truly lovely…..

  3. I am in the process of building my own backyard tiki bar from pallets. The more rustic the better. Go for it Brian ! Tiki never goes out of style. I too would love those stools. We just recently cut some trees down and am wondering if I could come close with just painting on the tiki’s and maybe some wood burning. That is truely a great inspiration pic. I wonder how much that whole thing cost? Good luck on your adventure.

    • I was able to find the stools for sale, they were WAY out of my price comfort zone. They were over $300 each if I recall. Still that whole bar is very cool.

      I would like to see a picture of your pallet bar when you get it going.

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